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AquaLilyPads **NEW**

Real Deal Brazil products!!

Saddle Floats

The Extra Thick Saddle Float is designed to hold you up in the water instead of wearing your life jacket between your legs or using two or three noodles.

Product Features
Caribeener clip allows you to clip it to The Float Rope when climbing into the boat so it won't float away. Grommet for easy storage. Sun, mildew and chemical resistant. more info...

Connectable Cooler Tray (NEW!)

One connection tab and caribeener clip allows you to connect it to The Float Rope or a Connectable Mattresses so it doesn't drift away from your boat or dock.
30 x 23 x 4 inches
more info...

Mattress Floats
Product Features
The mildew resistant, connectible foam mattress provides the greatest experience for soaking up the sun. It comes with a carabineer clip and four sturdy connection tabs which all connect to the float rope or directly to other mattresses.
more info...

Soft Sided Coolers
WINE COOLER holds one and 2 liter wine bottles, keeps chilled wine cold for 6 hours without ice, padded protection.

more info...

Float Video

Send in your fun Saddle Float Videos and we will post them here!

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